Asbestos Legislation

Asbestos Legislation

Asbestos is a dangerous materials that should not be found at home or workplace. The most recent of asbestos legislation (Control of Asbestos at Work Regulations 2002) adresses this issue.

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The new asbestos legislation imposes new duties to prevent exposure of their workers to the dangerous mineral fiber known as asbestos. The regulations include include the duty to protect those who came into contact with asbestos without their knowledge or by an accident and maintenance workers who are often unaware that they are working on materials that contain asbestos.

The  new asbestos legislation was designed to complement the amendements on these three asbestos legislation:

  • Amendment to the Asbestos Licensing Regulations (1998)
  • Amendment of the Control of Asbestos at Work Regulations (1998)
  • Asbestos Prohibitions Regulations (1999)

The new legislation added a specifc duty relating to asbestos. The duties are include managing the risk posed by materials containing asbestos (ACMs). It is made to encompass not only non-domestic premises but also residential properties. It specify common areas of such properties.

The duty holder duty is also do assessment of the premises to determine asbestos contaminated.

There are several steps you might use in order to identify or find out there are materials containing asbestos in the premises:

  • Look at existing plans
  • Consulting with others such as maintenance staff and employees
  • Do an isnpection of areas in the premises that are readily accessible.

Assesing the risk of ACMs

It is the is best to leave ACMs in place and calling  a management system if you find that there are indeed fibrous materials  in the premises. But if the condition is already bad and most likely need to do the removal process, then you must hire the licensed removalist or contractors to perform the job

Action to minimize the risk of ACMs exposure

Risk assessment can be used as a basis in determining the type of action you will have to take to manage exposure. Identify the parts of the premises with high asbestos exposure risk in your action plan . The new asbestos legislation imposes the duty to cooperate with the duty holder in order to them to be able to comply with all that is required under the asbestos legislation.